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Noodle ChaCha: Restaurant Review

26 Jul

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One of my coworkers told me that there was a new restaurant around the corner from our office that was pretty yummy. I took the plunge and went with our Lab Director and IT guy to check it out.

Our Lab Director is Korean, and we are both always on the lookout for Korean food. We decided to order the Korean Kim Chi Ramen Noodle Bowl. I asked the server if it could be made without any animal products and with veggie broth. They were very accomodating!

The portion was HUGE and it was very light and filling with tons of veggies. I wish it had more Kim Chi (I’m a certified KimChi-a-holic) and was maybe spicier. In an surprise move, it looks like they didn’t use oil AND they also had green smoothies on their menu! That’s not something you see every day. Hopefully they will add more veg and vegan options to the menu if we pester them enough. They don’t have a website, but here’s a link to their Facebook page:

I went back again this week and the bowl was actually even better this time.


Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

27 May

Last night after a very uninspired dinner of a glass of almond milk and an Ezekiel bread, peanut butter, wheat germ and agave nectar sandwich, I had a parade of very shiny dreams with sharp little teeth. They started off with me living in Korea and eating bibimbap at a large outdoor strip mall. I couldn’t understand anything anyone said to me, but when I spoke it was in perfect, unaccented Korean. There were children everywhere, and they kept coming up to me and pulling on my skirt. I was dressed entirely in pink and everyone had pink balloons.  The dream then cut to me being involved in a plane crash with the actor Joe Pantoliano, the guy who played Cyper in The Matrix:

Joe was trying to sell me on the merits of cannibalizing our fellow passengers as soon as we crawled out of the wreckage, and I was simultaneously baffled and pissed off. I also had a small child with me (a Korean baby, surprise) and all I could think about was that I needed to get the hell away from Joe Pantoliano before he tried to eat my baby. It was kind of like Cormac MacCarthy’s The Road meets that episode of South Park where the people of South Park get locked in a room for 15 minutes and immediately start eating each other.

“He mistrusted all of that. He said the right dreams for a man in peril were dreams of peril and all else was the call of languor and of death. He slept little and he slept poorly. He dreamt of walking in a flowering wood where birds flew before them he and the child and the sky was aching blue but he was learning how to wake himself from just such siren worlds. Lying there in the dark with the uncanny taste of a peach from some phantom orchard fading in his mouth. He thought if he lived long enough the world at last would all be lost. Like the dying world the newly blind inhabit, all of it slowing fading from memory.”

I think someone put acid in my Ezekiel bread. There’s a good reason why only hippies eat that shit.


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