Samurai Soba Noodle Bowl: Engine 2 Recipe

5 Aug


When I have a cold or flu, I crave this soup. It was my comfort food in college, but I used to use ramen and hot sesame oil. Sometimes I leave the udon noodles out–it depends on my appetite. This is a very filling dish if you use soba noodles. Soba noodles are usually made out of a combination of buckwheat and wheat. Soba happens to contain all 8 essential amino acids (if you believe Wack-i-pedia), including Lysine. Soba noodles are also high in B vitamins, so much so that they became popular in Tokyo because they prevented beri-beri (which happens when you live on white rice because the B vitamins are stripped out). I prefer the Eden brand that you can find in most health food stores. I also stumbled across an organic Japanese brand at my local Korean supermarket, Greenland. The youtube video above is in Japanese and is an instructional video—kinda neat!

Samurai Soba Noodle Bowl


Large handful of fresh shiitake musrooms, washed and sliced

4oz extra firm sprouted tofu, sliced

Dash of Tamari

2 green onions, diced

4 tbs miso (any color)

one serving organic Soba noodles

veggie broth for sauteeing the tofu and mushrooms

Siracha sauce to taste, or if not following Engine 2, hot sesame oil for sauteeing

Optional and tasty: a little crumbled nori as a garnish. I do not use a lot of seaweed due to my thyroid condition, but you can!


Veggies: Sautee the tofu in veggie broth with just a dash of tamari and as much Siracha sauce as you can tolerate (helps break up congestion!). After 5 minutes, add the shiitake mushrooms (great for the immune system) and sautee until they are well cooked.

Broth: Boil 4 cups of filtered water. Bring to a low simmer and add the miso (do not let it boil again—makes the broth bitter!). Stir until miso is dissolved and leave on very low heat until all soup ingredients are ready.

Noodles: cook according to directions on your particular brand. Strain, rinse in cool water and then place in bottom of large bowl.

Assembly: pour tofu and mushrooms on top of noodles. Cover with broth and add green onions last.

Finished product looks like this:


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