The Ashtanga Experiment, Week Two

1 Apr

Week two started with one last torture, er, morning session on Monday. Tuesday I had a soy latte on the way home, put on the Beastie Boys and had an extremely enjoyable Ashtanga moment. I found myself really looking forward to practice the next day. Afternoon is just better for me. Wednesday night I decided to try Nicki Doane’s Ashtanga for Beginners DVD, since I have no freaking idea what I am doing as far as the traditional count goes.

Well, I got my ass kicked. But I finished it! The DVD starts out with the traditional chant, which I really like a lot. I seem to remember trying the Introductory poses DVD way back when I was still living in Florida in the mid-2000’s. I remember really having a hard time with it while simultaneously being aggravated that it was too “slow” and only had the Sun Salutations. This DVD is not exactly what I would call slow. It’s hard for me to move quickly in and out of the lunges in Surya Namaskara B due to my injured and gristly hips, but I did my best and chuckled to myself as I fumbled around. The standing poses are included and I was sweating bullets by the end. I found myself sore in all sorts of strange places the next day. The traditional count is very helpful, as are the “exhale” and “inhale” prompts. I liked the music, too. I’m going to include this a few times a week for guidance until I get up the cojones to go take a class at Blue Sky. There’s a Short Forms class on Mondays that I want to try. Part of me is scared about looking like a fat, graceless, sweaty loser in front of a room full of strangers and part of me just wants to do it. Unfortunately, now I am kind of nursing a little cold. I think all of that Nicki Doane action stirred up some crazy toxic shit! Now I understand the whole Ashtanga purification thing…resting before embarking on week 3.


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